Counterbalance Forklifts

  • Most common type of counterbalance forklift trucks are Diesel, LPG /Petrol and Battery.
  • Counterbalance forklift trucks can be driven up to the exact location of the load or racking (Indoor and Outdoor).
  • Counterbalance trucks operate a counterbalance weight design, with a weight at the rear of the truck off-setting the load to be lifted at the front.
  • Electric/Battery counterbalance trucks are able to operate with a smaller counterweight as the battery serves as ballast as well as a source of power (Smaller Turning Radius / Turning Aisles).

Reach Trucks

  • Battery Operated.
  • Capacity Range: 1500Kgs – 1800Kgs, 2000kgs -2500kgs.
  • Reach trucks are designed to offer maximum lift height with excellent maneuverability, especially in very tight or narrow working environments.
  • Excellent for indoor use.


  • In the world of warehousing, distribution and general material handling, a stacker is a machine that combines features of a walkie or walk-behind pallet jack with features of a lift truck where an operator would typically stand while driving like a counterbalanced, reach or straddle lift truck. These combination forklifts are typically referred to as walkie stackers.
  • For lighter warehouse applications.
  • For lower lifting height.
  • For better maneuverability in narrow environments.

Order Pickers

  • An order picker is an electric lift truck specifically designed for filling individual customer orders which require piece-part or case picking, rather than full pallets or unit loads.
  • Their versatile design allows for handling of a variety of items, ranging from small items, such as individual auto parts or drugs, to larger bulky items like bicycles, furniture or even mufflers.
  • Their maneuverability in very narrow aisles and high level “picking capabilities” enables the customer to take full advantage of limited storage space.
  • The order picker is an ergonomic and economical solution for order picking which can be up to 55 percent of warehouse operating costs.

Powered Pallet Trucks

  • Powered pallet trucks operate to a very similar principle as hand pallet trucks. However, the lifting of the load, and truck movement, is powered by the electric motor within the machine.
  • Typically, there is a ‘paddle’ control to select forward or reverse direction, and button control to raise or lower the forks.
  • Powered pallet trucks operate best on flat and smooth surfaces.