Our long-term rental is an ideal option available for businesses requiring the use of forklifts but could not commit in the capital investment for materials handling equipment which may limit their cash-flow liquidity during this current challenging economic situation.


So, why long-term rental? The beauty of it:

No upfront investment

Instead of tying up money in a depreciating asset, renting forklifts allows you to invest in income-producing opportunities.


No depreciation and is tax deductible

Rental payments are considered an operating expenses and can reduce your tax liability.


No hidden costs

Able to predict monthly costs involving services, parts and breakdown.


Invest in latest technology

Able to use the latest technology of materials handling equipment if required, by renewing to a new rental contract.



Allows your business to upgrade or alter forklift needs according to your business development.


Reduces administrative burden of sourcing for quotations which helps to shorten the decision-making process.


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